Contact Us

Contact Us

For any questions and/or concerns you may have, or to set up an appointment
to meet either by telephone or in person, please contact the Firm as follows:

David Berke (State Bar #123007)
458 South Roxbury Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Telephone: (310) 788-9001
Cell Phone: (310) 251-0700

Twitter: @berkeslaw

Please note that the Firm does not employ a fax machine, believing it to be obsolete technology. Rather than pass along ink costs to you, the consumer, we ask that you “go green” and email documents instead.

If you really are serious about reaching me, then please make certain that you always favor email over voice-mail when leaving messages. I may just be out for a moment, walking Butters, but I will have my Blackberry with me. If I am out for coffee with a client, then I will have an iPad.  In other words, emails are checked obsessively, while voice-mail messages invariable disappear into a cosmic black hole. Even the voice-mail on my cell phone is deactivated, for goodness’ sakes. Finally, for all of you zealous attorneys out there — you know who you are — notice is hereby given that this blog may not be used for the purposes of providing ex parte notice, as the blog is not intended for the purposes of day-to-day litigation, and it is thus not necessarily reviewed regularly.

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